The Laundry Lounge

Selig Enterprise is Parting Ways With the Laundry Lounge at Ansley Mall


You’re probably wondering why this is happening. I have some answers for you: Selig Enterprises wants the property for its high tech redevelopment plan and has already secured a Belt Line Endorsement from the Atlanta City Council.


In short, this means the Hideaway and Laundry Lounge are OUT. We have been told the Laundry Lounge is not part of the long term vision at Ansley Mall!


We know that the community is concerned about what will happen to Ansley Mall. We are, too. Selig claims the High Tech Redevelopment Plan will be in place to ensure that the property can continue to serve our community in a way that benefits everyone. We think replacing the Laundry Lounge with another Bar or Restaurant only serves Selig and not the community.


Selig Enterprises has been aware of this fact for some time now—and now they’re acting on it. They’ve decided to give notice to the Hideaway and Laundry Lounge that they will not be renewing our leases. They call it the “repositioning of their vendors” and apparently we drew the short straw.


The Selig Enterprises president also hopes to see retail redevelopment in the area surrounding Ansley Mall. “We would like to see more of an urban feel,” he said. “We think that’s what people want today.” Do you know what whe think at the Laundry Lounge? We think people need clean clothes. We have been serving the community for over 45 years so we know a thing or two.


How Can You Help


If you want to help the Laundry Lounge, there are a few things you can do:


  • Contact Selig Enterprises and/or Ansley Mall directly. Write them an email or leave a message on their Facebook page letting them know that you are against this decision. Their decision final but it wouldn’t hurt to let them know how you feel.


  • Follow us to our new location at 2100 Cheshire Bridge Road (the former Red Snapper Restaurant). We anticipate our new location opening by April 2023.


  • Ask us about our new pick up and delivery service. If Cheshire Bridge is too far away for you, will will come to you!
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