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Residential Services

Our state-of-the-art laundry processing center is designed for the efficiency our Residential clients expect. Our trained staff handles routine processing and the difficult issues of Residential laundry to deliver consistent quality and value.

What We Launder:

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Commercial Service

Businesses we service:

Running a small business is not easy and the last thing you need is another tedious action item like doing laundry on your to-do list. Whether it is towels, linens or uniforms, outsourcing your launder needs to Atlanta Laundry Company will allow you to focus on your business. We promise to provide on-time and reliability, period.

Commercial Services Expanded:


Commercial Services for Airbnbs, VRBOs, and Other Vacation Rentals

Vacation rentals generate a lot of laundry. If the rental is a house then everything in the house must be laundered between each guest. That could be everything from dish towels to comforters. Plus your guests are always coming and going and your schedule may vary from week to week. There is no need to worry, our Airbnb laundry service is designed with you in mind. We will work with your schedule to make sure you always have linens when you need them.


Commercial Services for Medical Facilities

Medical facilities have a higher standard of cleanliness then most places. And each facility may have different needs. Doctor’s offices may need doctor’s jackets, uniforms and sheets cleaned. Long term care facilities may need their patient’s laundry washed. Dentist offices may only need towels laundered. Veterinary offices may need dog beds rigorously cleaned. No matter what type of laundry that you have, our medical laundry service can get it clean.


Commercial Services for Restaurants and Bars

Certain foods and drinks can create the worst stains. If you run a restaurant or bar you don’t want to have stained linens. Our restaurant laundry service will clean your linen napkins, chair cushions, uniforms, work rags and more. We have long term launderers who know how best to get rid of harsh food stains.


Commercial Services for Gyms & Health Clubs

Workout facilities go through a lot of towels each day. Those towels are often used to wipe off sweat, then they end up in a damp pile in the locker room. Our towel cleaning service will make sure that those towels get thoroughly cleaned. We will come to your location as often as you need us to and we will make sure that your towels get as clean as possible and that they smell fresh when your next client uses them.


Commercial Services for Spas and Nail Salons

Places like spas and salons are dedicated to making their clients feel pampered. You can’t do that with scratchy towels and bathrobes. Fluffy towels and luxurious robes are part of the experience at most spas. Our spa laundry service uses the best detergents to make sure that your laundry comes back to you smelling great and feeling terrific.


Commercial Services for Hotels & Motels

Hotels and motels have an enormous amount of laundry to do every single day. Our linen cleaning service is here to help. We know that washing everything in a hotel room means doing a lot of laundry. Everything including the sheets, towels, blankets, comforters, and area rugs need to be laundered every day. That takes a toll on your washers and dryers. It is also easy to get behind when you have to do that much laundry. Let Atlanta Laundry do some, or all, of your laundry for you.

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