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Why We Chose Wascomat Commercial Machines

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We operate one of the busiest commercial laundromats in Midtown Atlanta and needed equipment that is powerful, reliable and simple to use. That’s why we chose the Wascomat product line.


The Wascomat WUD commercial product line was designed for the high-volume, heavy-duty use of our laundromat. These machines have been designed specifically with our laundromat in mind: they can wash and dry large quantities of laundry and run continuously without breaking down. This means that our customers who come in regularly to do their laundry will get their clothes back quickly and easily because there isn’t any inconvenience involved with waiting for the machines themselves!


The Wascomat WUD series 350g is one of the most powerful commercial washer in its class, capable of washing up to 77lbs of laundry in one cycle. That’s a lot of clothes, but with that much force behind it all you need is one load!


The Wascomat product line are simple machines to use. Our customers don’t need extensive training or an advanced techincal degree to use them. The digital control dial and text screen are clearly laid out with everything clearly marked and easy to understand, even for younger children. And the options are also clearly labelled and understandable by anyone at all!


Wascomat’s  Commercial Machines are designed to stand up to the demands of our busy laundromat. They’re high-speed, simple and reliable machines that provide powerful cleaning results.


WEascomat was our selection for commercial machines for a reason. They are durable and reliable, with a large capacity that allows you to wash and dry more at once. Your clothes will come out cleaner and fresher every time. And if you’re looking for an easy-to-use machine that doesn’t require much maintenance or repairs? The Wascomat fits the bill there too!


If you have the need to wash and dry clothes in high quantities, then there is no better machine than the Wascomat. They are powerful machines that can handle anything thrown at it, and they are super-efficient at getting your clothes clean and dry in record time.

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